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Who We Are

EpLink is the Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute. We are an epilepsy research program focused on finding new ways to diagnose, treat and improve the lives of people living with drug-resistant epilepsy. Our program is funded by the Ontario Brain Institute and aims to bring health innovations directly to the epilepsy community.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world without epilepsy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce seizures and improve quality of life for people with epilepsy through research.

Our Goals

Our goals are to improve the diagnosis and treatment for drug-resistant seizures and improve the lives of people living with epilepsy. We have over 25 lead researchers working on research projects at seven hospitals and universities across Ontario that focus on: drug, diet, and genetic therapies, surgery, brain monitoring and modulation, and quality of life.

Through our research we hope to develop more effective drug therapies, improve diet therapies and surgical procedures, uncover new treatment options, such as gene therapy and brain stimulation, and create new programs to improve cognition, mood and quality of life for individuals living with uncontrolled seizures.

Our Co-Directors

Our Staff

Amaya Singh, PhD

Knowledge Translation Lead, EpLink

Hamed Moazami, MSc

Program Manager, EpLink

Clinical Research Coordinator, EpLink

Our Research Sites

Western University
McMaster University
University of Toronto
London Health Sciences Centre
University Health Network
Hamilton Health Sciences Centre
Hospital for Sick Children
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario