EpLink is pleased to announce that our new study, Strategies for Epilepsy and Memory (STREAM), is now recruiting!

Memory problems are one of the most common complaints among people with epilepsy.  More than half of people with drug-resistant epilepsy report experiencing memory problems in everyday life. Despite this prevalence, interventions for memory are not standard of care at acute hospitals, and no consistent programs exist to manage memory problems. The STREAM program was developed by a team of EpLink researchers and epilepsy community members with the aim of providing strategies to help people with epilepsy to better manage their memory problems.  Since these problems are often unavoidable in epilepsy, this approach is centred around learning different techniques to help compensate for memory difficulties, rather than restoring memory function.

This distance-delivery, group intervention program provides information about the link between seizures and memory and presents evidence-based strategies for memory enhancement.  Over the course of eight, 60-minute sessions delivered once a week, participants will have the chance to share their experiences and learn about management strategies from trained facilitators in a virtual small-group setting. By using a distance-delivery model, this program can be accessed by anyone in Ontario without having to travel.  This study is currently recruiting adults with epilepsy who experience memory problems. If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, are over the age of 18 and experience memory changes that affect your daily functioning, you may be eligible to participate. For more information about this study, please contact EpLink’s research coordinator, Sahil Patel (sahil.patel@uhnresearch.ca or 416-978-6381).

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