In this week’s update, we are encouraging the community to get involved and help support renewed funding for the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) and EpLink.

As part of the renewal campaign, we have created a template letter that you can use to thank your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for his/her past support, share your personal epilepsy-related story, and highlight the importance of supporting brain and epilepsy research through renewed funding for OBI and EpLink.

At EpLink, our mission is to reduce seizures and improve quality of life through research. We are dedicated to working with clinicians, researchers, patients/families, and industry professionals to advance epilepsy research and develop new treatments for people with drug-resistant seizures. Without the help of the Ontario government, it would not be possible to carry out this important research.

We strongly encourage you to contact your local MPP. If you would like to download the template letter to MPPs, please click the link here.

To find out who your local MPP is:

Feel free to forward the letter to anyone living with epilepsy and/or their family and caregivers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@EpLinkON) and Facebook to participate in the online conversation about renewing OBI and use the hashtags #AWorldWithoutEpilepsy and #AdvanceBrainResearch.

Your support will bring us closer to continued funding of OBI and EpLink, and will ultimately help to advance research and find a cure for epilepsy!

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