For this week’s update, we are sharing a news release from Katie’s Run (please see below).

Proceeds from this year’s run will support EpLink. Please join “Team EpLink” and register for the beautiful outdoor run/walk in Haliburton on June 24. If you cannot join us, please consider making a small pledge to our team!

Haliburton, ON — For years, people with epilepsy have been keeping relatively quiet about their condition. But for some that just isn’t possible, like when your first seizure happens on live television while reporting the news. That is what happened to Mark McAllister, former journalist with Global News, in March of 2011.

McAllister’s life changed immediately. Soon after this incident, he was told the cause of his slurred speech that day was epilepsy. Since then, he has been speaking publicly and educating others about the condition. He works closely with Epilepsy Toronto, dedicating his time to helping others who are living with epilepsy.

McAllister will be the special guest host at the 6th annual Katie’s Run for Epilepsy on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at the Haliburton Highlands Secondary School. The event features a 5K and 10K run, a 2.5K walk/run, an auction, an impressive collection of donated prizes, medals, food, face painting and more.

This year, organizers have partnered with EpLink, the epilepsy research program of the Ontario Brain Institute. All funds raised will be tripled, which explains this year’s fundraising goal of $33,334. Multiplied by three, this would result in $100,000 going towards much needed epilepsy research, essentially doubling what has already been raised in the first five years of this event that keeps getting bigger every year. Considering that $30,000 was raised in 2016, this is a realistic goal and organizers are counting on their dedicated sponsors, donors, fundraisers and participants to help them reach it.

The website,, is the place to go to show your support by making a donation, pledging a participant, registering for one of the events, or setting up a fundraising page.

Katie’s Run began in 2012 by sharing the story of Katie Woudstra, who had her first seizure at the age of 14. Every year since, organizers have been sharing more stories. Last year the spotlight was on “moms of epilepsy” and this year they are following up with stories from a father’s perspective. Sharing these stories has encouraged others to come out of the shadows and is helping to reduce the stigma that is often associated with epilepsy.

Max Ward of Minden, one of the featured dads, says, “I never knew that I knew so many people with epilepsy.”

The mission is to one day “uncover the brilliance that will end epilepsy—forever!”

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