As you may know, EpLink is in the midst of identifying research priorities for our next phase of funding (2018 to 2023). To help us achieve this goal, we would like guidance and input from people with epilepsy, their families and representatives from community epilepsy agencies.

We kindly ask that you provide us with your feedback by completing a quick 3-minute survey. You can access the survey online at

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


  1. I am the third generation of a 4 generation family of Epileptics and am interested in what is being done to learn more about the genetics of Epilepsy. My grandfather now deceased had it who in turn passed it to my mom and then me and now my daughter. My daughter to the point she has gained much benefit from a seizure response guide dog. The impact this disease has had on our lives has been drastic. From the age of 14 until mid 40’s i went through a period of being seizure free even without medications however am now having seizures again, thankfully however nowhere near as severe as when i was a child. But any surveys or anything else me and my family can do to help researchers to learn more and help i would be more than interested in.

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