Management Committee

The Management Committee was created to help advise the EpLink program. The Committee discusses topics related to research funding, researcher engagement, upcoming fundraising and public education events and EpLink’s overall structure. The Committee meets monthly, either in person or by phone, to discuss the program and its progress.

The Committee itself is composed of self-appointed EpLink researchers, a representative from Epilepsy Ontario and EpLink staff. A list of the Management Committee members are below:

Community Advisory Committee Representative:

  • Ms. Susan Harrison

EpLink Researcher Representatives:

  • Dr. Danielle Andrade
  • Dr. Douglas Cheyne
  • Dr. Elizabeth Donner
  • Dr. Jorge Burneo
  • Dr. Kathryn Hum
  • Dr. Mac Burnham
  • Dr. Mary Lou Smith
  • Dr. Mary Pat McAndrews
  • Dr. Michael Poulter
  • Dr. Peter Carlen
  • Dr. Sharon Whiting