Community Partners

Moving Research Into Innovation and Action

EpLink aims to improve the quality of life for people living with drug-resistant epilepsy. We encourage collaboration and partnership with industry to search for innovation and commercial opportunities that can directly benefit the epilepsy community.

We close the circle through the Community Advisory Committee which connects the epilepsy community and the EpLink research program. The Community Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • Understanding the goals and objectives of the EpLink research projects
  • Providing input for the direction of EpLink’s research
  • Sharing research updates with Community Epilepsy Agencies, people living with epilepsy and families
  • Building connections between the Ontario Brain Institute, industry, research, and patient groups
  • Assisting with fundraising events, public education events and engaging people in research

The Community Advisory Committee consists of the following members:

Chair: Shelly Philip Laforest
Community Epilepsy Agencies Community Members EpLink Program Ontario Brain Institute

Joanna Kapusta

Epilepsy Toronto

Gena Meldazy

McIntyre Burnham


Jordan Antflick

Manager, Knowledge Translation

Mary Secco

Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario

Jo-Anne Welton

Mary Pat McAndrews


Christa Studzinski

Manager, Research Programs

Tamzin Jeffs


Dr. Nancy Mingo

Kathryn Hum

Program Manager

Tom Coke

Epilepsy South Eastern Ontario

Susan Harrison

Amaya Singh

Knowledge Translation Lead

Cynthia Milburn

Epilepsy South Central Ontario

Michael Kennedy

Rebecca Woelfle

Communications Lead

Nikki Porter

Epilepsy Ottawa

Geri Woudstra

Jonathan Gane

Neuroinformatics Lead

Drew Woodley

Epilepsy Ontario