Clinical Epilepsy Guidelines

One of the ways that EpLink is helping to improve clinical epilepsy care is through our involvement with the Epilepsy Implementation Task Force (EITF). This task force, created in 2013 with the support of Critical Care Services Ontario, has the primary goal of creating provincial guidelines to standardize clinical epilepsy care across Ontario. In addition to representatives from Critical Care Services Ontario, the Ontario Brain Institute, hospital and academic institutions and the epilepsy community, EpLink researchers have been key members of the EITF, contributing their expertise to the creation of 7 evidence-based provincial epilepsy guidelines.

As part of a larger effort, EpLink is working with the creators of these guidelines to help communicate the key messages to people with epilepsy, their families and healthcare providers. The goal of promoting the guidelines is to educate and empower, ensuring appropriate and timely epilepsy care and better access to treatments for all people with epilepsy.

To read the provincial guidelines for epilepsy care, click here.

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