The EpLink Genetics Project

Who will develop epilepsy? Who is more likely to develop drug-resistant epilepsy? To address these questions, the EpLink Genetics Project was created to find the genes that may lead to drug-resistant epilepsy.

As part of this project, Dr. Berge Minassian and his team will look at the DNA of more than 320 people - both adults and children - with drug-resistant epilepsy. Participants will have their entire DNA scanned (whole genome sequencing) to identify genetic differences that may cause or make them more likely to have drug-resistant epilepsy. This will help researchers to better understand why people develop drug-resistant epilepsy and design therapies to target these genetic changes. It will also enable researchers to better understand the ethics and costs related to genetic testing.

To support this project, Dr. Berge Minassian and his team are leveraging a Genome Canada grant. They are also partnering with groups in the European Union and United States to ensure a broad impact for the research done right here in Ontario.


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