Improving Symptoms of Depression in Adults with Epilepsy

Depression is a common problem for people living with epilepsy, occurring in up to 50% of adults. In many cases, the depressive symptoms can cause serious problems and affect quality of life. Treatment of depression also ranks among the top 5 research priorities for people with epilepsy.

Dr. Kathryn Hum and her team compared two educational programs - the UPLIFT and EpINFO programs - designed for people with epilepsy and depression. These programs have never been offered before in Canada. A unique aspect of these programs is that they can be completed over the telephone, which is an important consideration for adults who do not have driver's licenses and/or live in rural areas, as they do not need to make travel plans to attend the sessions in-person.

If the programs are shown to be effective, Community Epilepsy Agencies may offer these programs so that clients learn new coping strategies and develop a stronger support network.

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