Can The Ketogenic Diet Be Safely Started at Home?

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The ketogenic diet is typically started in the hospital for safety reasons. This means that the child must wait for a hospital bed to become available, and must spend some time away from home.

A new approach being examined in Hamilton is to start the ketogenic diet in the child's own home, instead of the hospital. By starting the diet at home, there will be less waiting time and disruption for the child, and fewer expenses for the Province. It also means that the diet will be more accessible to more children. Before the at-home approach can be widely used across North America, it has to be proven as safe and effective as starting the diet in hospital.

Dr. Rajesh RamachandranNair and his colleagues are comparing the safety and effectiveness of the two different approaches to starting the diet. If the at-home approach proves to be safe and effective, it may become standard practice in Ontario.

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