Impacts of Physical Activity on Health and Quality of Life in Children with Epilepsy

Physical activity can be a useful tool in managing and even preventing many health conditions. Does physical activity have an impact in epilepsy? What aspects of a person's life may be improved with physical activity?

Dr. Gabriel Ronen and his colleagues are looking at the benefits of increasing physical activity on overall health and quality of life for children with epilepsy. Their research team, including members from McMaster University and the University of Ottawa, are looking at the effects of a 12-month pedometer-measured walking program. This program will also offer motivational strategies to ensure that physical activity levels remain high.

This study hopes to increase the levels of physical activity in children with epilepsy, not only during the study period but beyond. The belief is that increased activity will lead to positive changes in brain health and reduce co-existing disorders, which is the goal of this research.

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