Epilepsy after Brain Injury

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Every year, about half a million people in North America suffer from a severe brain injury (referred to as a traumatic brain injury or TBI). As a result of this injury, some people may get what is known as post-traumatic epilepsy, a type of epilepsy that is difficult to manage and often drug-resistant. Researchers are still unsure of what causes this type of epilepsy, and who might be at greatest risk – important questions to consider when finding ways to prevent these seizures.

Dr. Jorge Burneo's team at London Health Sciences Centre is currently researching how often brain injury leads to epilepsy, what types of injury are most likely to cause epilepsy, and whether early treatment can stop these seizures. They are also using a high-powered MRI to look at the brains of some patients to find indicators or markers of oncoming seizures. In addition to these goals, they are interested in studying mental health issues that may arise after TBI.

At this time, the London Health Sciences Centre team is recruiting adult patients for the study. The hope is that more will be understood about why some people develop epilepsy after head trauma and how these seizures – and co-existing mental health issues – can be prevented.

This research is supported in part by Epilepsy Ontario.

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