A Headset for Detecting Seizures

One of the ways to improve epilepsy care is to develop more advanced technology to detect and monitor seizures. This technology would warn people with epilepsy about an upcoming seizure. But what if the technology could go beyond warning of a seizure and actually stop it?

Brain stimulation to stop seizures requires that a patient's brain activity be monitored constantly using electroencephalography (EEG), and that brain stimulation only be applied when a seizure is about to occur. For this to happen, there has to be a way to monitor brain activity (using EEG), while a computer program recognizes signs that a seizure will occur and begins the stimulation.

Dr. Peter Carlen and Dr. Berj Bardakjian – co-founders of the company Avertus Inc. – have developed a wireless headset (cap) that a person with epilepsy can wear comfortably to monitor their brain waves using EEG. This information is then sent directly to a computer or mobile device, which can be reviewed and provide seizure warnings whenever needed.

Avertus Inc. has received approvals to start testing the headset, and selling them for clinical trial and non-medical uses by as early as December 2016. They hope to improve the practical aspects of continuous EEG recording and add brain stimulation functions in the near future.

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